Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rocked the House

My creative, imaginative, dimpled-chin Jillian is 5!!!... and we celebrated!!!
Celebrated 5 years of her stories, the "special" friends  she has invited into our family, the impulsive songs we hear, her drive to catch up with the older 3 and her free-spirited energy that uniquely makes Jillian.  
There are moments when I look into the eyes of each of my children, searching for who they will become.  Trying to figure out the beauty they are and where it came from.  Seeing so much of the parents who made them and less of us as well, this shadowed glimpse of who I am, who Corey is, and that bright burst of who they are.  
We "Rocked" her birthday!!!...helping her enter her 5th year with the excitement she gives us each day.

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