Monday, January 16, 2012

Sweet Jillian

When you are the 4th child in a group of baby lovers, have a more relaxed momma, and your daddy can't seem to think you do anything can you not be just a little full of yourself. Oh I am sure she was born this way but we have helped her along, nudged her in the right directions and then we all act totally surprised when she bursts out her opinions as facts, when she bosses us all around and when she is confident that she is always right.
My beautiful, spirited girl who sang before she cold talk, who dances when she should be walking and who just seems to float from place to place with her graceful, fairy-like presence, turned 4 and we celebrated in her style of pink and sparkly.
Jillian has grown this year, not so much in body, but in personality and character. A few months ago she started talking about a friend I had never met, her name was Eva, the stories were always of such fun they would have, things they would do, and the conversations between them. We had started going to homeschool classes around this time and I thought she must have met this little girl there. She also started talking about this boy named Carlos around the same time, how he was mean to her and how she was going to tell his mom that he needed to get in trouble. I didn't make a big deal about not knowing them at first, I asked her teachers, who surprisingly said there were no kids by those names in the class.
She continued to talk of these two children and I started asking questions. Here was the conversation, Me, "Jillian what does Eva look like?" Jill, "Oh, she looks like a four year old." Me, "What color hair does she have?" Jill, "Oh momma, it is beautiful, it is pink." Me, "What about her eyes?" Jill, "Bright green, like those marbles John has." Me, "Jill, where does Eva live?" Jill, "In the clouds and when I turn 5 she told me I could fly up there with her."
I can not tell you how excited this made me, this story of Eva, and believe it or not Carlos has his own story. I probably listened for an hour about their mom and dad, what their houses looked like and with a new since of knowledge when she told me the adventures they took. Since that day, she talks of them numerous times a day, friends have been added...Nimma being the one who has stayed around the longest and friends have left. I hear her quietly in her room, talking to them and playing dolls with them, getting on to them and laughing at jokes she tells.
This thrills me because my girl has an imagination, a world she created to have fun in. I feel like I have made a discovery into her creative soul, her brilliant mind, and her innocent heart. We talk of Eva, Nimma and Carlos like they are regulars now, no one dares say they aren't real, we all listen, we ask questions and we let this beautiful mind work and we understand Jillian just a little better each day.
Happy Birthday to my sweet Beautiful Jillian!!! who lets me dress her up (at her insistence), who loves to try new things, and brings a bright spot into our family.

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