Friday, January 13, 2012

Man of Contradictions

When you turn 10 life seems to mark you with a stamp of "I made it" not just for the birthday child but for the parents too. As if something new is about to happen, a new chapter, another stage, an ending but a new beginning with it. Jacob has not yet transformed, he hasn't changed but it is almost like you expect it and the birthday child does as well. "I am 10 now...What is next?"

As I reflect back on these 10 years that we have had Jacob, remembering all about the day he was born, what he was like as a baby, toddler, little boy, I feel like I know him much better then I knew him back when he was 2 and 4, even 6. I can't imagine knowing him any better then I know him at this moment but I thought the same thing at each age he has been and I know there is more to come with each age we conquer.With Jacob I have learned, each child seems to not only grow in their own way but they cause me to grow as well. I can truthfully say that out of all my 5 children not one of them is completely like another. Jacob makes me think in almost of every aspect of his growth, from the way he learns, to how he is disciplined. To the naked eye Jacob is this simple child but deep down where his heart is, how his brain works it is a complicated mass of crazy, yet fun contradictions.
He keeps me on my toes and at the same time, I know whatever I ask of Jacob he will do. He is an amazing kid with potential and drive, full of determination and goals that will one day (prayfully) be used to do the job God has intended for him.
The kids run the birthdays at our house, from the crazy decorations to the lighting of the candles.
Momma makes the cake and daddy wraps the presents and it has become a system that works for us, just like our small parties at home with family do. We used to have parties for our children, kids would come and parities were planned but we moved and for a few birthdays it was just us and as "us" has gotten bigger my kids just prefer it this way. An unorganized mess of fun, a relaxing day of doing whatever you want and having the people you are most comfortable with by your side.
I am sorry to say that this day January 12th was not like that for Jacob or any of us. A fun birthday turned into a nasty, awful one for Jacob and for the rest of us a well. A stomach virus attacked our home and even though we tried to make life go on with presents, cake and joyful singing of the birthday guy, it also included a lot of moaning, mess, and sleeping. Jacob's cake was eaten the next day and his presents were examined more thoroughly.

However, Jacob the kid that always likes a challenge, decided he wanted to shake things up this birthday. Instead of the family just hiding the gifts, he wanted them put in extremely hard places and to have clues written down on where to find them. I am not sure what was harder, writing out the clues and finding the places to hide the gifts or Jacob searching for them, but he loved it. Just one more part of the amazing way he is.
This is the year that Jacob gets a "job," a contribution to our home with a product and gets to make money off the extra he has. When John turned 10 we instrusted him with chickens, the cleaning, caring and everyday duties of them. Our family gets the added benefit of fresh eggs everyday and John makes "quite a bit" of money off the extra he sells. He has to tithe, set goals, save his money for the plans he has throughout the year, with the help of Corey and I suppling the building and the food for them now. He also is responsible for learning about the chickens, we taught him the basics on what we learned when researching this job but he reads poultry magazines, internet articles and really anything he can find about laying hens. It really has become more of a love for them rather then a job "he has to do."
Jacob has been waiting for this day and to be truthfully honest, I had no idea what we would invest in him. I thought of things, dismissed ideas and finally in December, after just giving it to God and saying you tell me the plans, a lady told me about bee keeping. BOOM!!! instantly I knew that this was it. So we are preparing, stepping into the unknown of hives and honey...investing in our son. We are ordering bees next month and praying he falls in love with this job.
To the boy who entered this world 12 days late but in lightening speed of a two hour delivery...Happy Birthday!!!

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