Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Arrival

I'll never forget waking that morning, dressing and knowing that something was going to change.

Calling Corey and saying "I think it is time."
Waking my kids and saying this is it guys....The "DAY" we have been waiting for.
I'll never forget my friend Emily walking in and being "Wowed" that
she would be a part of this with me.

I'll never forget the conversations we had of this baby before he was born.
The I hopes, what ifs, we'll do this, what about this name.....
Conversations of how a baby grows in the womb
and explaining some more of how life begins before we ever know.

I'll never forget telling them. Your going to have a new baby. My four kids turning into five.

I'll never forget the day Jillian realized there was a baby inside me.
Her soon to be playmate.
I'll never forget the day we decided to have a baby at home.

I'll never forget Corey walking in and in that moment knowing that I could do this now and that even though things were going to get more painful, He was here.
I'll never forget the prayers we prayed for this little life.

I'll never forget all the books Julia and I looked through. How curious she was and how she wanted to know everything that was going to happen. How she asked almost everyday, if she could be there to see him born.

I'll never forget the day we found out he was going to be a boy. Six people in an ultrasound room, looking at a picture of a baby the size of your hand.

I'll never forget the anticipation the last few months, weeks, days, and that final day when we went through the house, my four kids and me getting everything ready for what was going to happen in those next five hours. How they came together as a team and helped me get things ready, make our house presentable and worked together as one.

I'll never forget thanking Jesus for those contractions and how surrounded I felt when I did.
My God was in this room and oh how I felt Him.
I'll never forget little heads and hands laying on my big belly...
waiting for that kick,
trying to hear that tiny heartbeat.
I'll never forget John and Jacob talking like baby pros to their little sisters and then seeing their faces when their baby brother was born.
I love that we were all together.
I'll never forget discussing names. How everybody was involved and then finally deciding on Jett Amos Oliver

I love that my four were a part of bringing number five into the world. I love that they were all awake, they worked as a team, there was so much love and excitement and a willingness to help.
I love that Jillian tried to get in the tub just so she could be near me.

What started out as waves of uncomfortableness ended in waves of pain and life.

I'll never forget the day....thinking something was wrong, a Dr.s visit, announcing congratulations your pregnant, driving home, telling Corey, laughter in his eyes, and his response "Anne Marie, this is going to be fine."

Fine turned into Great today!!!!

Welcome to the world
baby Jett!!!!
This is your family.

I'll never forget the relief I felt when "my mom" walked through the bathroom door and I got to introduce her to her new grandson. The feeling of knowing that the responsibility of my other four had now been shifted off of me, for a mere moment, and that all would be taken care of.

Amazing Life!!!
Two very special people were in this amazing friend Emily Allen and baby Juniper (who was 2 days old).
I am so incredibly thankful that they were both here to be a part of this moment with us, for the support and encouragment she gave me and for the beautiful photos she took that I get to share.


Amy said...

Thank you for sharing your Jett's beautiful story with us... it really is amazing:)

devano78 said...

Absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful moment!

anacooper said...

I'm crying :). Thank you for sharing such a personal experience and for putting words to those photos!

c.moore54 said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. Love you all much!