Saturday, August 30, 2014

I Want Less

With fall approaching, with our schedules filling up, our calendars are becoming full.  This week my heart became anxious, my mind heavy with all the "good" programs, the great opportunities, the influentially wise people that are available for my children. I want that for them, full of knowledge, full of good things, and great skills, but my question this week was, "how do I fit it all in, these great things?"
When you say yes to
something there is less 
of you for something else.
Make sure your yes
is worth the less.
-Louie Giglio

So I have prayed and waited and through the realization of our wise Heavenly Father, I have realized I want more of this (pictured) and less of that.  I want more time with them, less busy, less going, and more influence from the parents who God has instructed these children with.  
If any of you lack wisdom, 
let him ask God, who gives 
generously to all without reproach
and it will be given to him. (James 1:5)

Why do I allow my fears and doubts to overtake me, to allow me to question what the Bible says is meant, that God will instill in Corey and me the wisdom to guide our children in the way they are to go.  We pray for them, then question if we have the ability, the resources, the fundamentals to actually train them for this world.  

As I searched through scripture, seeking wisdom in what felt like a fog of, "how do I do this?" "what is best for these people you instructed me with?," I kept coming to this verse,  

Jesus said, 
"If you hold to my teaching
you are really my disciples. 
(John 8:31) 

If they learn nothing else from me in these sweet, vulnerable years that I have with them, my hope is that I teach them to become disciples of Christ, to practice humility, to ask for wisdom, to give patience, to gain self-control, develop perseverance and to cover themselves with the armor of God. 

With all that I am, with all my failings, with all that I seek, what really matters is the influence God places on my heart for these 7 beings He has given us. 

The acid of over-activity eats holes in our souls. 
From those holes leaks the cry of the 
calling that never quite happened.
 -Lysa TerKeurst
@The Best Yes

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