Sunday, October 14, 2012

Always Watching

Kittens and dogs run by our glass door all through the day. The perfect entertainment for a 5 month old who is fascinated with anything moving. He is perfectly peaceful when he hears noises, sees movement, or being played with...not so content when left alone. 
Joel has mastered sitting up, not even thinking or hinting that he will be an early crawler, just a sweet sitter who enjoys toys.

I will admit that after five kids and going into the first year of the 6th one, I am always apprehensive on my feelings.  Will my love be as strong, will my protective instincts still rare up as easily, how will I be different and how will I be the same?
And with each child I am always surprised about how strong those feelings are, how much better I am at this "mom thing" and how much I really do love having children.

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Mica said...

I can't believe Joel is five months old! He is are all of your children. And those cheeks! What a dear!