Sunday, January 22, 2012

I finally have caught up on birthday posts and our last Christmas post, now feeling like I can yet again continue my normal blogging because interrupting the stream of events just feels off to me and for some reason I can't seem to move on, post pictures, or for land sakes write at all if the order of our life isn't in order. As I was looking over 2011 I realized that I never posted Julia's birthday, she is right in the middle of summer, in between John and Jett's birthdays and somehow I wrote what I wanted to say but didn't post pictures so obsessive me couldn't publish and somehow I overlooked her untitled birthday post. Don't be surprised to see a summer post squeezed in saying Happy Birthday to Julia in the middle of winter, sometime this week. I honestly can't believe I am writing this, posting pictures and not getting it done but I have come to the conclusion that it is good for me and that maybe my order and sequence need to be thrown off every once in the list doesn't always have to be followed the way I wrote it, the chores don't have to be done in the same order every morning and so what if I write about what we did today before yesterday(I can always re-date and years from now never know the difference or play it risky and not even re-date, that should trouble my obsessive soul really good). Unorder and chaos are a part of my everyday, I often wonder why I crave order so badly.

So I honest to goodness, I walk outside and see our chickens walking around with legos strapped to their backs. No kids in sight, chickens pecking the ground as if this is the normal routine of their everyday. I would say those poor chickens but they are loved more then the dogs at this point, fed great and pampered more then any chicken should be. They follow us when we go walking on trails through the woods, we have an entourage of kids,dogs, cats, and chickens following behind us. We are a sight and have been blessed with a great egg production this winter...better then I could have believed after everything I read about slow winter layers. Still I don't know if any chicken should have to carry around little lego guys..what would the others hens say if they saw this.
We are back to our routine of school in the morning and venturing out after lunch with not much else going on. There is something to be said about easing back into the norm after the busyiness of life that feels good and right. Going back to drinking shakes instead of cinnamon rolls, school work instead of crafts and having more room in our home since all the decorations are down. We somehow move from Christmas to two birthday and life feels a little busy until it is over, fun but busy. Slowing down getting things done, enjoying what we have is nice, focusing on each other is somehow the pleasantries of life.

I have been goodwilling it, craigslisting it up in our house this past week, freeing our family from all the extra we own. I love seeing things go and for some reason it seems like getting rid of stuff can somehow be a sickness just like hoarding is. Bags and boxes by the door, piled in the back of the suburban, unloading at the site or exchanging for money should it really bring that much excitement to me.

But I do get just as excited over boxes that arrive, bags that we bring in full of things to fill our home and finding things on craigslist is just as addictive as selling them. From the posting, to the conversation of messages, meeting, then that final rush when you make the exchange. You are leaving with something, either cash or a desired item and a conversation with someone you will never likely see again but the thrilling part of that is finding out during the meeting that you know them.

Julia watching the sun rise.
It feels like I have a bag full of projects that need to get done and I am already trying to move on, shifting to the next thing. I have never understood myself, but with each pregnancy I give myself this list of things to do, projects with deadlines and amazing feats that I will have done before the due date as if this baby really cares if our home looks nice or if we live in a cardboard box. Not once has a child of mine came out and said this room should be repainted, that desk made over, and new bedding must be found. I am excited to say those things are being done and have been "almost" completed but I think I am the only one appreciating it all. Corey comes home and says, "Oh it looks like some things have been moved around." I guess after 12 years of it happening on a weekly basis nothing would surprise him not even coming home to the piano in the kitchen. Another project I want to take on but am a little hesitant to do, my craigslist piano is not ugly but it is also not my desired color of choosing...we will see if that gets added to "projects to tackle before April."

Have I mentioned legos, my boys found girl ones and insisted that Julia and Jillian needed them.

let the collecting begin

I am working on sewing with Julia this afternoon, a project she has asked me to teach her for months now and I have put off because I am not truly comfortable with it myself. I have learned that teaching someone is the sometimes the best way of learning. You may both stumble but teaching in it own self is sometimes a challenge, transferring knowledge from your brain to theirs in a way they will understand it.

John and I do this everyday with math, he is learning it differently then me, I am not good at it and my goodness sometimes he teaches me. Luckily when Jacob rolls into the math book I am qualified to teach it and I understand it. Corey stood behind us the other day, shaking his head at my lack of understanding and later he calmly said, "I think he got it before you did." Probably true, as it frustrates me every time I just don't get it immediately but I will admit that I am learning, I refuse to use a calculator to check just for the pure fact that I have got to get better at it and at this point I am not handing the teaching over to Corey. I keep thinking the mathematical part of my brain will someday kick in and yell over here, use me, I want to help but as of yet whatever part of my brain is being used is struggling.

This month has been pure bliss, the weather has been perfect for sending kids out to play, taking walks and enjoying nature. I couldn't have asked for a better January.

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