Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Strong Arms, Gentle Spirit

When I look at my job as "Mom"  at the things that I have come to do so rhythmically that it feels like second nature, the constant flow of how to get everyone ready for their day, the crazy need to have a stocked freezer and clean floor, children who love God and have a desire to read, for a family that eats whole, organic food and finding the cheapest and most practical way to buy those foods, I forget that I have a crowd watching me, a group of onlookers that repeat after me.  
The late nights of walking with baby number 6 and no longer feeling panic or tiredness but just the steady motion of walking, the light slumber of a sleeping baby on the brink of crying, and the soft whimpers of a sore mouth where a tooth has yet to break free.
I realize these tasks have built qualities in me that 12 years ago I did not have.   
I remember holding John for 6 hours in an airport, through terminals and the flight, not once putting him down when he was only 2 months old.  The next morning my arms ached, my body hurt.   

My nurturing Julia, with a heart for taking care of others, a soul that feels the pain of her siblings and the patience of a person way beyond her 7 years. I found her walking with a teary-eyed baby who only wants a shoulder to sleep on.  She has this innate ability to soothe, using her calm-spirit as a gentle abode for anyone that needs comfort. She loves her brothers and her sister wanting nothing more then to "take care" of them, make sure they are doing right and direct them if they need it.  
Strength and patience she is learning, through the care of others.  Where ever life leads her, there is not many things harder then the steady walking, the constant motion, and the diligent holding when soothing an upset baby.  

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