Monday, January 28, 2013

Face Plant

We called his name, "Joel, Joel!!" wanting him to look at the camera, so we could show how big he has gotten and how great he can stand. Julia behind me calling, making loud crazy noises, persistently trying to get him to take his eyes off of his destination and onto the two of us and the camera in my hands. "Joely look, look at us."  "Smile baby, smile!!"  "Cheese, big boy cheese!"  "Joelers, Joelers!"  This calling on a "calm Joel" moment will bring outrageous laughter and a bright Joel grin, because his face lights up and his lips tilt upward when he is spoken too.  Unlike today when through our photo taking banter, Jett and Jillian continued to excitedly play in the sand box, there crazy conversation not stopping and the building of the highest castle and who was going to dump the next bucket were like a whistle to Joel, much like a well trained dog being signaled by his master. 
The excitement, the determination drove him because in the seconds it took me to push the button, check the screen and stand up....
our sweet Joelers face planted into the sandboxes, picked himself up with sand in his eyes and a mouth full of dirt, crawling his way over to his favorite playmates.

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mysteryhistorymom said...

Stopping by from your home school group! What a lovely family you have, Anne Marie.:) We look forward to meeting you in person! Lori