Saturday, January 12, 2013

Weekend Trip To KC...Day 2

 I love that we discovered this great little shop, located in Kansas on the edge of the railway. On the outside just a clean, simple building but on the inside a place of pure delight and expressive creativity.
Moon Marble was Fun!!! taking us back to a time of simple games that involve skill and just a little bit of time.

This demonstration of a marble being made was intriguing.  A piece of beautiful artwork created in front of our eyes.
Bruce took us through the whole process, opening our eyes to a simple creation and broadening our minds to see that beauty comes in many shapes, even in the simplicity of a toy.
The American Girl Store
Where every doll lovers fantasy comes true, a place my girls got to cruise along walls of tiny clothes and shoes, tents and sleeping bags creating in their heads a closet full of clothes for the sweet dolls they love to play with.
What could be better then a beauty salon where we watched and learned tips to style a sweet friends hair.
Kansas City has treated us very well and has left us at the end of two days wanting to discover more of her little secrets.

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