Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 3...Screeching Halt

Slow and steady checking the world out, discovering new things, fast and strong focused on the goal, only looking back to see if I am in view, hand in hand chatting about whatever comes to children are always moving at variable speeds.
I know this is hard to believe but sometimes life is easier when I have all six of my kids with me, we tend to have a flow, a way of working together, a position that if one or two aren't present the pattern just isn't right.  Early this morning was one of those days.
We started out very pleasantly at sunrise driving the curving, steep roads to Eureka Springs, dropping the boys and Corey off at the starting line to the bike race and traveling to the finish line to await their arrival. We dressed and had breakfast, then trekked our way up the hill (still very much in good spirits), two riding in a stroller, one hanging from my body and the other walking next to me.  A rather easy beginning to our morning until we came to the bathrooms.
Four kids inside, Jett who likes to touch everything, Julia who had to go very badly and Joel who started crying the moment we entered the door, distracted I was by these three, I hardly noticed the one who had come to a screeching halt outside the stall, her blue eyes wide and scared, hands clenched, teeth shaking.
Me starting to panic, "what is wrong, what is wrong? "  Jillian staring in fear and breathing fast.  I turn to look and there on the wall is her biggest fear of all.
You guessed it...a "grandaddy longlegs."  She uttered no words out of her mouth, her feet remained glued to the floor, I tried to calm and comfort, reassuring her that they cause no harm, rehearsing the same ole words I say everytime we come across one of these fierce looking creatures, only to be looking into the eyes of a 4 year old having a panic attack. 

Scooping two kids up in my arms we ran, past the stalls and out the door, fresh air hitting our faces, snapping that 4 year old out of her horrid dream and back into her spider less world.
It took some convincing that spiders don't live in bathrooms, how this one was only visiting and not making his home here. A few promises that I had looked over every square inch of the "other" stalls before she would go back in...but in she went, quick and loud, moving at a record setting pace in case I failed to see a longlegs lurking.

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