Friday, July 13, 2012

A Storytelling Photo Challenge for me...

Behind and overwhelmed when I come to my blog, feeling like there are so many things I want and need to share and remember, but time is lacking and two little boys constantly need me, two medium size girls love to do projects and two big boys are constantly needing to be corralled because they are bursting with fun and excitement.  Sitting down has become an action I did in the past, writing something for my future when life isn't busting at the seams.

So I never share challenges I give myself because I am not a fan of failure but this time I need to have a little accountability. I love to write, I feel words coming out of my soul, needing to be expressed and when it comes to my children or Corey it feels like the words are bursting out of me.  So here goes....

For the next 30 days (really hoping the rest of the year)  I am challenging myself to give you a "real glimpse" into Our Story, by sharing a picture and a story of what was going on when it was taken.  So many moments happen during our day, some funny, others sad, many aggravating, but they all belong to Our Story and I really hope to share some of them.

**Hopefully other post, similar to what I have done in the past will be shared also (they are my favorites)

***To hold myself accountable, I will post on Facebook the link.  I am big about changing dates on Blogger (and I really don't like cheating).

**** please feel free to comment and help me hold myself accountable.

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