Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 1...Got Ya

This is not how I found him when I walked outside, with no siblings in sight and only one chicken peeking out from under the deck.  Shades lowered, water blaring, and that poor chicken getting blasted in the tail end by a blast of water, with the faint sound of "Got Ya"  mumbled through the pacey hanging out of his mouth...followed by the cackles of a crazy 1 year old laughing.

That sweet face you see, only a dare, a slight hint behind those gorgeous brown eyes of what you will get "if" you come to close.  Oh, it has been tried, prying that sprayer out of his tight gripped hands, his spray is dead on, you won't leave the battle dry but fully soaked with a mad toddler on your hands.

My yard is green, my flowers bright, and our chickens clean all because this little dude can turn the faucet, squeeze the handle and has perfect aim.

Jett spends vasts amount of time with the water hose, consistently going to it everyday and spraying everything that passes by.

*slight danger while taking this photo, both child and camera received no harm but as I turned to leave I was blasted by a cold stream of water and the faint sound of "Got Ya"

A Storytelling Photo Challenge


cmoore5471646 said...

I laughed so hard reading this! I had to wipe the tears away. I could just see that chicken AND you while hearing that little man saying, "Got ya!"

Katrina said...

I have read this one probably 15 times and it still makes me smile. Love you and your sweet kids!!