Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 2...I Don't Notice

Mowing, weeding, trimming bushes and cutting back edges on this cool summer day. Busy, dirty hands, holding weedeaters, pushing mowers, lifting a hedge trimmer, and carrying loads of weeds and debris to the dump pile. 
Our yard cleaning days can be long and hard, causing little ones to get irritable and big ones to go missing.  Exactly what I thought had happened this evening.  Julia is the best at getting out of chores, which is frustrating when you expect it to be done but she is so subtle about it that sometimes I hardly notice.  I had lost children during the course of the day,  John this moment, then  Jacob a mere minute later and aggravated I was getting.  Wearing a baby doing yard work before the sun goes down, my back aching, my attitude not so good anymore, and my stomach rumbling.  Jett crying at my feet, Joel snoozing on my chest and me only wanting a few minutes more to finish up a much needed project.  
Lost in thought of what to cook for a quick supper, Corey busy working on the Suburban,  I look around and no longer see Jett and can't find Julia.  Dropping my tools, my search began, as I rounded the other side of the house this is what I saw....
This is why she is able to get out of chores, this is why I don't notice the job not getting done.  This is why Jett jumps into her arms when he is afraid and I am not around or follows her around like a little duck.  
Listening to them...her puttering and zooming, making crashing noises and him laughing everytime she says bang! that is why I don't notice. 

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