Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Nights

Yesterday morning, I had to make a run into town, not far, just a few little errands that didn't require me to get out of the car or far from it.  So I thought what is the harm in leaving the kayak on top, we drive 3 miles with it up there every night a few extra can't hurt.  We were cruising along our 8 miles of hilly, curvy road and everything went beautifully, so wonderfully that I forgot the kayak was on top. I forgot until I hit the highway, sped up and heard such a huge commotion, a thunk and a scream from the back seat yelling, "Momma, the kayak is gone, it flew off, it is back there."   A four, lane busy highway, with four kids that can't help me get it back on top, "oh me!!!  I whipped around, headed back, swerved to the shoulder and met a lady putting my kayak in the back of her car.  "That's ours,"  I called to her.  She wasn't happy, I was taking it away and she was explaining how she was planning on giving it to her son.  I was walking away, shoving it inside of our vehicle while she is "explaining" how excited her son would have been to have our beloved yellow kayak.  I'm pretty sure she was still standing there as I left, shocked that we came back for it.  

Summer nights are the end of the rainbow for me, I love them.  We have been busier this summer, the evenings have been cooler and our lake nights have just started.  As soon as the sun hits the line of our trees, we load up. The back of our suburban is packed once warm weather hits, beach chairs, life jackets, bags filled with extra diapers and goggles find their home there until the cooler weather hits. Every summer I say this and I know every summer I write this, but I am so thankful God brought us here.

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Mrs. Boggess said...

I'm so glad you got there when you did! While that lady would have had a happy son you would have had a lot more Unhappy children!