Wednesday, July 2, 2014

When I get big, Momma

"When I get bigger?!!" Is always the question when he sees his brothers start out on an adventure and he is left behind. He waves at them, it breaks my heart, he isn't ever alone, Jillian and Joel are always willing to play.  John and Jacob include him in most everything, spend time with him, invite Jett into their room, Jacob stayed with him the whole time we were at a water park, voluntarily and had fun with him.  There are just things he can't do, like long bike rides, going to church camps, sleep overs or CAP.  It is crazy to hear out of a 3 year olds mouth, "Momma, I go to CAP one day, when I get bigger."
This need to be big just started, this craving to follow along with John and Jacob has become his ideal of what a boy is, of how he is supposed to be.  This is what I wanted, for them to be crazy close, for them to view each other with a love that was uniquely their's but I didn't take into thought that there would be times, one would feel left out or not included.
I think my heart hurts more then his, he usually bounces back pretty quick and finds someone else to play with, he is surrounded by brothers and sisters who are willing to throw a ball, build a train, or swing outside, when one is away, another is there.
I love big families and lots of siblings.  There is an order that is seen when you watch close enough, relationships between each one that is beautifully defined and bonds that are strongly tied.
photo credit: Corey Oliver

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