Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Snow

When we thought winter had left us, it managed to sneak back in for a little visit.  Lucky for us we got to play in it, putting on our winter garbs hopefully one last time. 
**little sister did not join us, nor did she care too~her response, "I felt it when I got out of the car," to which she grabbed a book and sat by the bathroom heater.

 Having older brothers 10 and 8 years older then you has mega advantages for a two year old with a big imagination and a need to try, do and learn all the time.  The mere mention of a snowman started at the bottom of our hill, 8 miles later, promises were made, plans were laid out and the snowman was being built.  
 Sister Julia dressed him warm and guided him along the snowman making progress. Talking the whole time making a little 2 year giddy with excitement at his very own "first snowman."
What they do for each other without my interference is what makes me love this job I get to have.

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