Monday, April 29, 2013

Our Sweet 1 year old

As each child gets placed into our family I always wonder how they will fit. I know they will, molding themselves and flexing us until the fit is perfect but as a sweet baby is born, personalities yet to be determined, excitement, wonder, and love are flowing through the rest of the members and is all we see for the next few months. Then it hits, "look how they are together," "how did our lives exist without him" or "he makes us....". Those unexplainable little moments only a family can see and the love that fills the home, clearly showing that God does know what he is doing, if we just allow him to work. 

Our baby Joel (as Jett still calls him) turned 1!!! and we celebrated with sugar, balloons and excitement.  We celebrated this fun, happy, always smiling little boy who came into our home, hearts and lives a year ago, changing and filling us with the magic of a baby. 
This little bundle of excitement wants to be at the center, loves attention and is showing us that the "firsts" in life never get old.  Words are flowing out of his mouth, wobbly legs are walking, and food is finally making it to his mouth by his fingers.  
As we are beginning this next year with him, a little of the newness  has rubbed off, we are saying things like "how did we not have him here" and we are watching with amazement and wonder at how he is growing and has become a permanent fixture in our life.

Happy Birthday Sweet Joel!!!

Including Joel's "BIRTH" day blog

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