Monday, February 18, 2013

A Little Part of Our Sunday

Sundays have become a day of relaxing and play at our house. This year specifically, we have really put a lot of focus on intentionally not doing work on Sundays, not making a schedule and no projects. For some this is not hard, for others extremely difficult, however it has been good for us.  A day to rest our minds, to enjoy each other only, to focus on God and to begin our week with a deep long breath.
Today we threw some things in the back of the suburban and headed down to the lake after church.  This time of year the lake is quite, the guard shack closed and only a few people meander down the hill to the calm, cold water. 

Taking turns flying a kite that has been stored in our closet waiting for a warm, windy day in winter to fly it.  

Nothing beats a day full of fun, especially when everyone is snuggled in bed, tired and relaxed with the moments that keep popping up in their heads of what they liked best.

Each Monday we start our week over, organizing, preparing, cleaning, school work but when our mind has been cleared we can go back into the week rejuvenated and refreshed.

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