Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 8...So much better then a Hotel

Anticipation, excitement, and those "I can't wait" moments of going on a trip to see family.  The traveling, the wait, can't dull the joyous moment of getting out of the car, running up the walk and into the arms of an aunt and uncle who think you are great, want to spend time with you and listen to everything you say. The wait makes the moments twice as sweet and the memories a thousand times richer.
Bike races took us to Little Rock, where family was bountiful, food was plentiful and a good time was bound to be had. 
We awoke this morning in a new bed, a cool house and with the wonder of what the day would hold. Imagining the fun that was to be had.  Getting to experience baths in a new house, running down stairs with cousins, and sneaking candy from a bowl that was always open and never seemed to be empty. Making cookies with your aunt, grilling with your uncle, watching movies on a couch without a lot of rules, all seem so very simple but desirable.  Simple just seems to be the best.
We went to bed tonight, with the events of the day far exceeding our imaginations.  As I tucked kids into beds in sheets that weren't ours, on pillows that had a different scent, under blankets that were generous, I heard the mumbles of, "this is so much better then a hotel and hotels are so great."

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