Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 9....Racing Day

Unloading the trailer, filling water packs, airing up tires, oiling chains, just some of the things that go into a race day morning that starts early and is filled with anxiety, excitement, and the hum of other bikers warming up. Familiar faces greet us, some we only see at racing days, others we see at bike practice, and some are those of family that come to watch.
Waiting at the starting line, minutes ticking by feeling like hours, listening to roll call, being reminded of rules and directions, recalling in your mind what the pre-ride was like and itching just to get on your bike and ride through the woods, down the hills and around the curves. 
Racing day is different for all involved, for the racers in the moment adranaline is rushing, legs can't pedal fast enough and no matter your position you are in the race you are never in the winning position until you cross that finish line. Rather first or third...a fall, a flat, a wrong turn, or slight hesitation can help you win or lose, it is what makes the race.  
For Corey, the anticipation is exciting, radiating off his body, he whoops!!! and hollers when he is sees the boys, more often then not he is in the woods or running to spots where he can catch a glimpse of them.  Some of the spectators sit and wait, still excited, still supportive, just waiting in their own way, Corey's way is huge and loud, foot stomping and contagious to those around him.
Our first time at a Little Rock Race was fun and exciting, hot and tiring, ending our summer races and gearing up for the races of fall.

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