Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 7....Slapped Back Together

Some fires last long and burn hot, simmering for days before burning out, eating out everything in it's path, destroying, damaging, leaving nothing behind of the old.  Other fires last only for a few seconds like a flash, blinding and big, gone moments after starting.  This explosion might leave you hair less, singeing eye lashes, wisping away arm hairs, it will possibly take your breath away, knocking you down, but everything remains,  loud and big one moment , calm and quiet the next.  Minor burns, "Whoa" moments, and a head nodding, wide eyed grin at your side kick, yelling,"that was good"
Thank goodness for relationships that are true and good, the ones that are interweaved and tangled together so very tightly that the slightest tug slaps you back together making you wonder why you ever made that pull in the opposite direction.
John and Jacob will inevitably fight, they won't always see eye to eye, they will sin against each other and say things that they don't mean but there fire burns like a flashbig and bright and out in moments.  They can't seem to stay mad at one another, instead it is intense for a moment and calm and peaceful the very next.  
Yesterday they played all day in the pool, spent the evening climbing hills on their bikes and came home battered and worn out., exhausted  and tired.  I rode less then they did and I was ready for a bed and bath, wanting everyone to leave me alone. 
Instead of putting their energies into falling into that sleep filled place, they forgot their humor and tolerance, forgot how to relate to one another, and took things a little to personal,  jumping to conclusions to soon.  To bed they went not happy with one another, no usual bedtime chatter, no lights left on, instant sleep for both body and mind. 
This morning as John and I  were working outside, no words were mentioned about the heated rumble, the silly spat, or the "he said"-"he said" incident.  When Jacob awoke this is what it looks like when you are tangled so densely, trying to pull apart...

and slapped back together.

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