Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 6...An Early Morning Show

Fans whirling, air conditioner running, music playing, a toddler breathing, a baby nursing softly, those are the sounds I heard early this morning when the sun was barely shining through my window.  Quiet and calm, thinking I was the first one up and estimating how much time I had to steal before footsteps began plopping along the floor.  
Planning our day, recalling the checklist, thinking about breakfast were on my mind as I tucked Joel into his bassinet and covered Jett with his quilt trying to buy a little more time until the little ones woke up and the exciting part of my day started.
Creeping through the house, gathering items that needed to be put up, opening curtains to light up the rooms with little on my mind but checking on the kids and closing doors so my noise wouldn't wake them to soon. 
That's when I heard it...the crack of a ball, a wild "YELP," a crazy scream that kept on yelling, "RUN, RUN, Run!!!"
The moment I realized that there was a ballgame going on and I had a show to watch.

 Pitching, batting, catching in the early morning hours, with dew on their feet and sleep still in their eyes.  My kids were capturing the best part of the day before chores needed to be done and the busyness started with a little moment all their own.   

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