Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 5...Your Turn

Feeling left out, getting left behind, being told soon you will get to come is never easy at any age.  At 4 it is torture, crying in the dirt sad to see the 3 kids you admire and look up to following along behind the  daddy you always want to be with.  Waiting for them to return from the neighbor's house, sitting at the end of a trail, watching their accomplishments and seeing all the fun they had, listening to them talk of their adventures is enough to make anyone a little sad and angry that they can't be a part of it.

Jillian has been wanting to race bikes since the day Corey took John out for his first ride.  Progressively down the line, Corey has introduced our kids to biking.  Taking the time to instruct and practice with them, spending that one on one time it takes in order to learn.  When a bike is broken or needs repaired, they get to work on it with daddy, when a new trail needs to be learned, they ride it with daddy. 

Tonight, Julia came screaming through the house, "Go outside Momma, go outside!!! You have got to see this!! Daddy got her riding the bike." 
This is what I saw when I walked outside...  
This is what I heard, after she picked herself up off the ground after a fall, "I get to race now, daddy gets to take me."

Yes you do little girl, it is now your turn.  


Jesse said...

How exciting!

It is so hard to see Amelia have to "wait until..." when you can see she wants to be big right now!

Mrs. Boggess said...

Oops! I was logged in as Jesse. It was really me that commented. :)