Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 12...Humble

There are some moments when I think I have got this "six kids" thing in the bag...I ROCK at it.  Then there are mornings when I am humbled and realize I don't.  For instance when I knowingly tell Corey, "I got this, don't worry about taking off work" when taking 4 kids to the dentist and having 2 others in tow. 
When the fresh new diaper I put on Joel is immediately filled and begins seeping out onto his clothes, leaving a huge yellow stain that just grows and grows, getting worse by the moment...this humbles me. 
When the feisty toddler begins throwing balls around the waiting room filled with people and the never frightful 4 year old clings to my leg, shrilling "I am scared,  I am scared" then jumps on the dental table like a pro (who knows what that was about) and soaks up the attention...humbled I become.
I am humbled when I walk up behind my 12 year old in the dental chair and he is playing with the mouth vacuum while the hygienist stepped away. Guess I missed that "no, no" during the pep talk of how to act this morning.
I am not a fan of out of the norm, just let me have normal and I might, maybe, have a mere chance of Rocking that.  
We walked in early, Rocking it, by having paper worked filled out, kids neatly dressed and politely taking a seat, this Momma was filling good about herself (a little to good).  We left, with poop stains on clothes (mine included), a stinky Jett diaper, two kids fighting over a toy, hungry tummies wanting lunch and a Momma that was humbled by it all.  

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