Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring has Come

Fall and Winter have passed and it feels like we are already turning off the oven and stove, eating ice cream for dessert and grilling our dinner outside, welcoming beautiful spring to come and stay awhile.

At the end of summer last year, the beginning of fall, my family went through a taring apart, a moment of sadness and pain, a hurt that aggravated the sensitive part of our hearts and now it is ending. Not the hurt, it is still there in the depths of us, we still wonder what happened and why but the scar has puckered, the wound has healed and joy has found it's way back in.

Two seasons ago it didn't seem like we would get to this point, that the person we watched hurting would ever have that joy and happiness again. The paths of his life seemed many and few at the same time, the weight on his shoulders was more then I thought any one person could bare. We as his family could only watch and pray, feeling very helpless and lost, wanting to jump in and save the day but not knowing how and knowing that it wasn't within our power to do so.

We watched God take his life, the knotted entanglements, the confusion and smooth it out. The black sheep has left our flock, only existing in another pasture, the remnants still remain, fading with time but never completely gone but neither is the beauty of our land.

We keep escaping to this wonderland of our lake, our sweet private spot where we throw kayaks and fishing poles in.. waiting for the days of summer when we can throw little bodies in the water as well.

Right now it is very sacred and private, not many venture out when the water is cold and the sun is not very hot.
Spring breakers and campers not familiar with the area have a hard time finding private inlets, going to the more popular spots on the lake.

I love this spot that hasn't been cleaned up of the debris that washes in from different parts of the lake, both the treasures and the trash. The ridges that water has washed away during flooding, exposing roots that would never be seen if change hadn't occurred, revealing the majesty, the harshness, and the simplicity of what change and damage can do.
The character and uniqueness of land that shows both beauty and scars, never breaking, just becoming different, becoming better, becoming stronger.

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