Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Explaining emergencies to my kids has not been black and white, little specks of gray keep popping into their view that pose as emergencies even when they are not.

For instance, unlocking a door when instructed not too, is only allowed to be broken "in case of an emergency," not because you were looking for the remote control.

Do not get into the junk drawer (yes we have one or two, maybe even several) is not allowed but what did I hear when asked why everything was pulled out, "it was an emergency." What caused the emergency....the search for batteries.

Do not get into the driver seat and go through all of momma's stuff, what caused the breaking of the rule....gum emergency.

Here is the crazy part, they aren't even sneaky about it, the junk drawer always looks rifled through, stuff is taken out and left on the counter. The evidence always screams, "someone has been in here." They always forget to lock the door back, sometimes not even shutting it. I always think afterwards..."thank God they aren't sneaky kids, but they are definitely not neat children either."
The past couple of weeks have been different for us. Corey spent 9 days in Costa Rica, a twist to our schedule that we haven't experienced in quite awhile. We have acclimated ourselves to a routine and any slight shift seems to throw us off balance causing us to lose our footing. Remembering that dinner still has to happen, clothes still need washed, and bills have to get paid sometimes goes right out the window when the schedule is off and adjusting myself to the difference takes me a day or two. I don't always feel like I am the most flexible person, adjusting is hard for me, something I am always working on, wishing I could see vast improvements in myself but only seeing tiny differences when I look at the whole picture.

Jacob is signed up for baseball, bikes are coming out more often, a dance recital is in our future, all the tell-tale signs that spring is coming.
plus our daily walks are getting just a little more enjoyable, easier to get ready for and more pleasurable when we are out.
see this boy full of energy and spirit, everyday we start out on our walk and everyday at the beginning of the trail Jett is walking great, then we reach the halfway part (where no matter what it is a distance from our house) and everyday he raises his arms, starts to fuss and demands to be carried. This boy is not for long-distance, he is a sprinter and when he is through that is it.
these are monster boots, that you can't pry off of his feet
this is what we wear at our house when warm weather happens
Trees are about to be planted, bees have been bought, the vegetable garden is being readied, and our baby is almost ready to join us....spring is looking good.

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