Monday, February 20, 2012

Hitting Windows

I am feeling very content in my big pregnant body but very busy at the same time. We have been watching a robin all winter, the male who is quite crazy hits our glass door and windows over and over throughout the day but the sweet mama, who I find beautiful in her faded colors is content to sit and peck bird food, twitter all over the place picking up sticks and such, for I have feeling she is preparing too.I love the feeling of preparing, of getting ready, progress makes me happy.
My sweet Jett has grown up this winter, accomplishing things, showing us his personality, and singing and talking faster then I thought he would.
I found this "kid leash" for a $1 at a flea market and couldn't pass it up. We have never had one before, Jett pretty much stays with us when walking but we have plans this year to go to more outdoor, crowded places so I stuck it in my bag thinking a dollar isn't much. Best present I ever could have bought my smart, little one year old. He loves it, almost as much as he does his hat collection, he wears it around the house, tries to sit in his carseat in it and carries this puppy dog backpack around like it is his best friend. We have to hide it sometimes and I am not sure what he is going to think if we ever have to put the tail on the pack.

Jacob is very intent on building "something" he always has great plans, pulls out material and starts hammering away.

Nails sometimes litter the ground, hammers don't always get put up, projects hardly ever get finished but this boy is learning how to put things together...
and little sister is always willing to assist.
Morning walks, spreading a blanket and reading to these two has become a ritual this winter.
For Jett learning to sit still for 5 minutes and focusing on a page is fun progress. Not a must, not even required at this age of his life but for a few short minutes everyday he will sit and listen until the urge to grab the book takes over or something else catches his eye.
If Jillian does it little brother is going to try it, copy it, or get his hands on it.

For Jillian nature is a classroom, she absorbs everything, from what moss looks like to what kind of bird is flying in the sky. She talks about everything she sees, craves learning and knowing things. If I could keep the cold away, I don't think she would ever be inside.

My mind has been far away from writing lately, not quite focused on any one thing but on the many things that I think need to get done. Trying to focus on school, projects and the many paths of my life. Somedays I feel like that crazy male robin, hitting the window over and over, not accomplishing anything but giving myself a headache instead. Slowing down, giving my attention to one thing at a time is what the momma bird does but my crazy brain can't seem to do it, slow and steady usually get the job done right, that is why my sweet friend outside always has a nest full of beautiful eggs.

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