Friday, December 9, 2011

Baby Bliss with a dash of Merry and Bright

We are doing it again, every few days, Julia looks at my stomach, then says, "Now how big is the baby?" and as I try to show her and compare the baby's length with things she can relate too, she gets more and more excited. She has pulled Jillian into our book reading, Internet browsing, video watching baby viewing and as I sit and watch my girls falling in love with the development and each milestone our baby is going through, feeling like they are witnessing him grow inside of me, I become amazed of their interest and the love they already feel for him.
These same girls who talked of wanting a girl only a few weeks ago, left the ultrasound room a little disappointed, talk insistently of this new baby boy, how Joel will be theirs and how Jillian will get to hold him because she will be 4. I laugh at their change of heart, for I see it really doesn't matter boy or girl, their hearts had already fallen for this sweet, new baby they haven't even seen.

I have to brag, week 1 of new job week is over and I didn't get stressed, I was on the brink at times but I never went over. Why does smooth never goes as planned but bumpy always triumphs? I really believe the more I plan the rougher the ride is but the more freedom I give a circumstance the smoother it goes.

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So it is BACK!!!! and we have been having fun together. Yes...we missed leaf playing, my kids acting like hobos with fire, a can, and noodles, and all of Thanksgiving but we are making up for it BIG TIME. I have had it strapped to my body most of the day like a newborn baby that you just can't let go of.

Added to the wonderful time we've been having together, is the ole' so beautiful weather we have had. I am feeling spoiled, beautiful kids, great weather, and my camera is back...what could be better.

These are coming in a close second, right up there with singing carols at bedtime instead of of the usual songs that we do. We have taken a break from Mary Had a Little Lamb and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and filled it in with Silent Night and Up on the House Top. Jillian can sing both verses of Away in a Manger, grabbing up the baby Jesus in the nativity, cradling him, while cooing him to sleep at night.
We made our second batch last night after dinner, they don't stay around long and personally I think these perfect little round cookies, sprinkled with cinnamon are the best breakfast treat around and absolutely the easiest batch of cookies to whip up, with all the ingredients always readily available. My pregnant body may not be thanking me after this Christmas season is over but warm and cinnamon are a great combination.

Part of our kids Christmas this year are fun trips and we are headed to one today. Get up and Get Ready are not easy in this house but everyone is dressed and eagerly awaiting to go see a theater show.

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Kristi said...

Such beautiful pictures of your beautiful kids! Glad your camera is back...I KNOW you missed it! Those cookies are great! Cason got to bring home some that y'all made for the Christmas party...yummy! Send me the recipe!