Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holly, Jolly

Yesterday was a struggle to get through, what started out with happy faces, children happily doing crafts together...ended with bad attitudes, a vehicle that needed a battery charge and kids that couldn't say a whole lot of kind words to each other. As we sat down last night to do our Bible Study, I was reminded of some truths that I learned Sunday, of what real joy is, joy that doesn't end, that doesn't last for a mere moment and who we should seek that joy from.
A busy weekend filled with a train ride, a special lunch out, and a parade last night, put us in a jolly, festive mood. Noses pressed to windows as the scene flew by, while we sat in a train car full of people singing "Deck the Halls" and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" made the start to this Christmas season spectacular.
I have to give praise to A&M Railroad for the great ride they gave us, the conducter and hostess that were assigned to our car were a beautiful older couple, who have experienced life with another spouse, death of that loved one, and found each other five years ago. I love when I see people turn loss into joy, it feels me, and makes me believe that through God anything is possible.
So last night as we were standing out in the freezing cold, suburban battery dead, eating cold turkey sandwiches my kids simply fell in love with parades. It was spectacular, a parade at night, with lights twinkling, music playing and people shouting Merry Christmas all around. Guess who left there yelling "Merry christmas" in his own funny, unique way.

We awoke to snow on the ground, a light dusting that got my snow birds excitement soaring this morning, chores were done early, boots and scarves put on and frolicking is exactly what they did, they walked and played, stomped and rolled until their clothes were covered and hardly anything was left on the ground. It was grand for them and exactly what they needed. I have to admit it came too early for me, cold and wet just were not appealing but I have a feeling that if I don't venture out soon,
someone is bound to call me the Grinch, for not soaking in the joy of the season.

On a grander note for myself....my camera is being shipped and should arrive tomorrow, where I will welcome her back with lots of good fun.

Chocolate is melting in the crock pot awaiting the pretzels we are dipping today followed by a night out for me...which I am excitedly waiting to go on. So turn up the christmas music, bake some yummy goodies and remember where real joy comes from.

all photos in this post by Emily Allen

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