Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Has Arrived

Somewhere between when the day after Christmas to when the first bud appears on the trees....I dread. This time of year, the season when every plant and animal is resting, relaxing, refreshing themselves before the work of spring, summer, and fall, puts me into a mild depression.
I love to work outside in the mornings, swim in the afternoons, dig in the dirt, pull weeds and just send my kids outside for hours at time any time of the day. Spring, summer, and fall nights are wonderful for just sitting outside, listening to the frogs, viewing stars and taking long walks.
But I am learning (it does not come naturally) to enjoy this season of rest, to learn to relax and play inside. I have started sewing (oh my), it isn't something I am good at yet, but a dress has been made and I actually enjoyed it. So during this season, I have been trying to find time to do the things I wouldn't do in the other three season because they are so full of activities I love.

I am beginning to love Northwest Arkansas...it took me 3 years but I can now say this is one of my favorite places to live. A lot of it is because I am working on veiwing it through the eyes of my children and this is what they love. I do miss sandy, hot beaches whenever I want, shorts in January, going through the winter without hardly ever having to turn on the heater. But I am loving...hats, tobaggans, scarves, cute winter jackets, big chunky sweater, fires everynight, pretty wool skirts, tights and long socks, boots and all the things that make up winter.
We feed and see deer almost everyday, shoot guns whenever we want, have been throwing rocks into an icy pond and cold winter walks are so quite and still that you can hear things in the distance so clearly. There is beauty in this season...my eyes have been opened to the wonderment of God's creation.
So I am getting out there this winter, tramping through the snow, freezing my hands, watching my childrens cheeks turn red, and enjoying this season.
Hopefully more great winter pictures to come!!!

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