Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It feels like there are days...when raising our kids is a lot like fishing, we are doing all the casting and reeling and they are this tiny worm on the hook that we keep throwing out there into this unknown place. Corey and I are still fishing in a tiny pond, where we know pretty much what is going on at the bottom, in the middle and around the edges but sometimes there are surprises in that little pond...that give us a jolt, that make us lose a little of that control.

Our little worm, he's out there learning...the depths of the water, the smells that are all around, he's seeing things for the first time, learning where all the fish are but even in very sheltered ponds, with the parents as the fishermen....that little worm doesn't always catch the fish, sometimes it gets off but most of the time that little worm learns what went wrong and the fishermen does too...and hopefully they do it right the next time.
My Jacob is 9!!!! and I say this every time but it feels like I just had him...
but like I have had him with me forever.
I have big kids now and I am learning that they are a lot different then little kids. We have conversations-with deep meanings, these big kids have opinions, know interesting facts, they can do jobs by themselves, help out with the littles and are simple fun to be around most of the time.
I am really loving...Having Big Kids!!!
Like every Birthday...we have family celebrations. Just a fun-filled day all about the Birthday kid. The rest of us just make it as special and celebratory as we can and enjoy making it a big day for the special one.
This is Jett's first Oliver Birthday morning.

John and Julia got to stay up a little later on Jacob's Birthday Eve, they helped decorate, make part of the cake, blew up balloons and wrapped presents.

I am not sure who has more fun the ones preparing or the one getting the surprise.

So we woke up and celebrated.
This boy is special. Jacob is such a undemanding, helpful, hardworking, sweet spirited child.
He is very easy to be around and brings so much joy to this family.
After the singing and blowing out the candles, we hide the gifts. ( I wish I remembered when we started this and why...but it has been going on for a long time now)
The rest of the day is just fun, no school, no chores for the birthday boy...just a day to play with new things and to enjoy being 9.
And a day for me to reflect back 9 years before when I had this great kid!!!! I love telling the story of the past and Jacob loves listening to it....of being born in Hampton, VA one cold winter morning on an Air force Base. He loves that he was the biggest kid I have had at 8lbs 12oz., two weeks late and not wanting to make an appearance. When he finally did...I remember knowing that my God was amazing because he not only gave me another healthy boy but he showed me that I could love one child just as much as the other without one taking the place of the other.
Happy Birthday My Little Worm!!!


anacooper said...

Darn Anne-Marie, you made me cry again, and my oldest is only 4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your life, and your worm! Ana

Dawn said...

Anne Marie - I love your blog. I just ran across it. I have enjoyed sitting here looking at the beautiful pictures of your lovely babies. I am so proud of what a wonderful, strong mother you have become! Thousands of children have come in and out of my life and I only wish that they could have had a mother more like you! :)

Jen said...

Anne Marie! You had me in the first paragraph! My goodness what a beautiful way to describe your children! You make me miss you more each time I read your blogs.

I don't know if you really know how you have changed my life, but from the second I met you, I became a better parent. You're amazing and you're honestly my hero. Keep on being amazing!

HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY JACOB!! I remember what a sweet baby you were - continue to be the sweet child you are and you'll live a life that others only dream of!

And for John and Julie - You did a great job with the decorations and cake!!!

Jen said...

I just realized I hit the 'e' instead of 'a'. Sorry Julia!!!!! <3