Friday, December 3, 2010

Merry and Bright

We've been is here...and we are in the full spirit of Christmas.

We've been decking the halls this week and watching little faces literally brighten up at every moment of Christmas decorating. John and Jacob are going through ornaments of theirs from the past...and I am so thankful that I took the time to write the dates on the back of each.
Real trees...artificial trees...that was the debate this year and I got outvoted. My green family...or so they are becoming, wouldn't think of buying a real tree. So we put a tree together again this year and once again I am reminded that beauty comes in many forms. We are decorating trees outside that will fulfill my need to have a real one in the house.

By my count every room has been decorated and we are truly merry and bright around here. Jillian is in love with the Christmas tree and I think this year she will get it..the excitement of the year, maybe she will understand the anticipation and fun of getting a present on Christmas morning, singing Happy Birthday to Jesus and learning about the Manger.
We have plans, plans and more plans... some have started for the month, others are being planned, and some we are hoping will happen but JOY will be the key this season.

Crafts have already started...and unlike a lot of things that happen in this house, crafts do not have to be initiated by me...I don't even have to be present, get supplies, think up ideas or suggest it because these kids of mine can do it all on their own (if only schoolwork were the same way).
Chains and ornaments have been made..with more to follow, angels are on the list this weekend and I even heard frames were in the work. Those little minds are full of ideas and our house is turning into a delightful crafty cottage.

Christmas music is being played by little fingers during the day and even though Silent Night may have a few keys that are wrong, the beat may be off...but what could be more grand and beautiful then hearing your child play it..with a "Momma come listen" or "Can I play a song through dinner."
More Christmas music was brought home Deck The Halls is on the bulletin for this week. Our ears are tingling to hear it.

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Jen said...

They are the cutest! And great photography!
I hope you had a wonderful holiday!