Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kitchens at Christmas

This is one of my favorite rooms in our house anytime of year but especially at Christmas. We have been baking, making candies, dipping things in chocolate and sharing deliciousness with our neighbors.
There is just something special about watching chocolate melt, pouring peanuts in, dipping pretzels, and licking it from your fingers as you go.
It feels like most of our activities take place here, from cooking supper to making bread but it is always fun.
Cooking anything in our home is a group activity..supper each night involves everyone, pull out the baking bowls and beaters and it sounds like a herd of cows are being called in for supper. I find myself late at night baking something, anything just to prepare and bake alone.
It is fun to see them prepare things, watch them learn how to measure and be exact, see them learning what it takes to make a cake or cookies.
As with any activity at the Oliver house, it is loud and noisy. Full of everyone talking at once, many conversations going...and I can't help but think..this is what I have always wanted.
For now it seems like Corey and I shift from being the teacher and the other being the photographer/cleaner unless a child grabs the camera.
So we are both learning that dance of taking care of lots of children and I see us getting better. There are days where we flow, knowing how each other work, feeling in when the other is falling behind or stuggling and grabbing the camera or a soapy towel when a project starts.
These were delicious, salty and sweet at the same time.

with an audience. As with everything Jett does...there is an audience.

He is growing.
He is starting to roll from his back to his stomach. I put him down a few days ago and found him on his stomach when I came back. This is our first time that we have so many people that can hold our new past children it was just Corey and I and the boys with Jillian. So we had a big discussion on where never to put Jett because he is rolling so much.


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