Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What could be more fun then nights spent away from mom and dad...slipping under the covers of sheets that are warm and snugly. Waking in the morning to eggs, pop tarts, and things that are a little different then home but so good and memorable.
Puzzles to be solves, Frisbee thrown, making the traditional candy with the man you call Pops.
This is a fun house, full of warmth and comfort and a favorite that my kids love to come too.
Waking up and seeing cows and horses right at your fingertips. Beauty surrounds this home, cards are played, movies watched and special things happen.

I am so very thankful for this new life this year....our new little man. I am thankful that I have fallen for that gorgeous face, his little round belly and chubby fingers.

I am thankful for the hours at night when it is just me and Jett...for the soft voices, intense eyes that look deep inside mine, and how his round head fits perfectly into the crook of my arm. I am so thankful for a healthy baby boy.

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