Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Traveling Thanks

We have started our journey south, down winding roads, steep hills, and crowded traffic trying to rush to be with our families, prepare and get kids settled for a day of thanks tomorrow.

Excitement is radiating off of little bodies as we roll down the hills trying to get to grandmama and grandaddy's house, ready to settle in our favorite little nooks, nestle in open laps and have ears that are always readily available to talk too.
We have traveled this road more times then I can remember but still we get asked, what town are we in, what town comes after that and the list starts out long but as always dwindles down until they hear those few cities that they recognize as the ones that are the closet to two of their favorite places.
I am so thankful for this smart, little boy. This will probably be the last year I can call him little because he is growing and soaking everything in as fast as he can. That's Jacob, he soaks, he listens and he remembers. I am thankful that he helps and obeys, that his quiet spirit is so uncannily funny and he can make us laugh with the straightest face and never pop a grin until he turns around.
I am thankful for his dependability and his soft soul, his big smiles, his crazy loud voice, his embarrassed moments that make sense only to him, his shy personality and his wit.
My second born we share so much, your calmness eases my soul.

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