Thursday, November 25, 2010


We made it, we woke up this morning to the smells of baking and in Grandmama's kitchen everyone is involved. Little hands have cut, stirred and filled. What is better then knowing you had a part in this glorious day.

We greeted cousins, uncles and aunts this morning. Excitement was all around as they entered the room and knew they were all a part of each other. The air is thick with children when holidays come around, loud and fun, energy jumping off of walls like can't help but get excited yourself.

Pies were made, pies were brought, eyes were big as they saw what they would be eating soon. All of our favorite things sat out waiting to be heaped on plates, stuffed in bellies and snacked on throughout the day.

Julia, I am so thankful for this sweet, fun girl. I am thankful she acts like my shadow most of the day, thankful for her helpfulness and her natural drive to succeed. Thankful that she has such a motherly nature, is caring and kind.
I love that she is witty and creative, thankful for her little inventions, and how she corrects in the sweeetest ways.
She is my middle child and I love how she can go either way from playing with the big boys to playing with littles.
I am so thankful for my beautiful Julia.

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