Monday, October 18, 2010

Key Players in Our Story

When I started this blog, I wrote a little bit about each of my children. Now as they grow older and we have added one more into our story, I thought I would get up to date with how they are.
Imaginative, compassionate, loving. He hurts for people, wants to help, and will fight for you.
He has such a strong personality and strong feelings and emotions.
He loves nature, sees each season as something beautiful and fun. John can make a game out of most anything and is just pure fun!
He loves football, hunting, shooting, and his new found hobby is drawing. He sits for hours and draws. It is funny I have noticed for years how much he likes it, encouraged it a little but he always seemed to want to do it during school time, which I discouraged. Now that I am encouraging it, he gets done with his school work much faster...who knew.
John tells great stories, far-fetched, but fun imaginative stories. He always comes up with great ideas to try.


My little inventor, he always has a project going. He can usually turn a piece of trash into a cool craft or toy. He loves folding paper...from origami to paper airplanes. Jacob is a fisherman..from catching fish, to organizing his tackle box, scavenging for baits along a body of water, and reading every magazine he can find on the subject..this is what he does. He loves to play baseball, shoot, and count his money.

Jacob, is a great helper, curious about everything and good, he is truly a good person. He has a sharp mind, is a quick thinker, quite-natured, fair-minded. He wants to help, likes to see a job finished. He is super competitive, sometimes I don't know if he even likes what he is playing or just wants to win, he practices constantly and always has a ball in his hands.


If there is a 5 year old version of a Momma...Julia would be it, always trying to be like me. She always knows what is going on, wants to take care of the little ones (she is sometimes bossy), she knows how to clean a room, and where things are at. She is super sensitive, sweet, and loving. Julia is my kid that can motivate herself, give her a goal to accomplish and she will do it. We told her she was going to learn to swim this last summer, she fought it for a week, then said I am ready...and accomplished her goal. She wanted to learn to whistle, practiced and now can whistle a tune. She is always wanting to make herself better and learn new things.

She likes ballet, tap, and swimming. She stared Kindergarten this year and is doing great.
Personality, any you can imagine, dramatic, sweet and fun. She sings all the time, will just break out in a tune. She loves to dress-up, dance to music, and be the center of attention.
She sits for hours coloring and making things out of play dough. She loves to be outside, exploring and having fun.
Jillian is strong minded and knows what she wants, even if it isn't good for her. She wants to keep up with her siblings and usually does, she isn't scared to try something new and is a natural at moving her little body.

Our new little player, he is a sweet, easy little boy. He nurses and sleeps well, has started to laugh and baby talk and looks around at everything. And he is oh so loved.
We are all so crazy about him, especially the older four. John and Jacob are great,experienced big brothers. They can really care for him and soothe his needs. Julia is learning, how to hold him correctly, she is great about just holding him whenever and he prefers her when I am not able to hold him. He sleeps in her arms, where as with everyone else he is usually excited to see there faces, she comforts him. Jillian thinks Jett belongs to her, he is "her little brother" that is what she calls him. She sits beside him and sings and talks to him and he has amazement on his face.

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