Monday, September 20, 2010

The Weekends of Fall

The Boys of Fall

This is what they love.

Getting jersies ready the night before, practicing with daddy at home, working on techniques and pulling flags, and even sitting and waiting for the game to start.

The anticipation of waiting for the big play, the interception, or TOUCH DOWN saving flag pull.
Holding the pigskin in your hands.
The dreams of one day being on the FIELD.
The admiration in the spectators eyes of a job WELL DONE.
Running with the ball as you feel pressure on your heels.
Studying your opponents moves and the dreams of something BIG.
Parents watching with excitment in their eyes.
Throwing that great pass to open hands.
Being in position to do your job.
They love the Saturdays of Fall!!!
At the River

What could be better then Sundays at the River

Rocks, water and cool breezes.
Climbing and sliding.
Daddy moments.
Sitting on rocks in the middle
Holding a pole in your hands
Learning how to work a reel
Investigating what is underneath
Loving the River in the Fall

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