Thursday, October 21, 2010

Daddy's Girl

She's In Love

Man, does she love him. Excitment, joy, so many emotions go on when he comes into sight.
"When, my daddy come home." "My daddy nice." "I want my daddy." "DADDDDDY" "My daddy home."
She is very possessive with the my's, using them everytime she says his name. She thinks that he is hers and the rest of the kids don't really have a say.
I love it, that she runs to him when she gets into trouble.
That she wants to be right where he is at.
I love that her eyes light up and her face brightens when he talks to her.
She prefers the nickname he gave her over all the rest...calling herself Jibo, just like he does.
I love that he talks to her and they hold little conversations.
I love that she runs on to the football field just to be near him.
I love that she is just like him...from personality to temper. She is friendly and outgoing just like he is....the 4th just like he is. She never seems to worry or be really frightful, she is daring and adventerous even at 2, they are a like in so many ways.
I love that "she loves" and that "he loves."

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