Thursday, June 17, 2010

Diamondback Baseball

This is what Jacob loves...BASEBALL, throwing, catching, hitting, he spends hours practicing at home, looks forward to practice(I think he loves it more then the games), and he prepares for the game constantly.

He loves playing pitcher...constantly in action.

but short stop, first base, catcher....he enjoys them all and just soaks in all he needs to know about each position.

Look at that kid....he loves the field.
He has actually said that even though he loves to hit and is good at it, he prefers to be out in the field. He feels like everyone is watching him when he is at bat (which they are) but when he is out in the field, even when he catches a pop fly, line drive, or gets someone out, he feels like he just blends it. My kids doesn't like the spotlight but still loves to be praised.

Go Diamondbacks...Best Sportsmanship Award.

Go Jacob.....All Around Player Award.

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