Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Double Digits

John is 10 years old today, the last year that he will be able to count how old he is on his hands, he doesn't even do that anymore but why it should break my heart...I can't even tell you. The first year he will be in the double digits...goodbye single numbers.

We had such a fun day. Waking up to birthday cake and presents hidden throughout the house (a tradition my kids started so long ago). Barbeque shrimp for lunch and a supper at Braums. Then Fast Lanes with daddy and Jacob where they played games of Laser Tag and video games....a 10 year olds dream.

I look at John sometimes and can't believe my eyes, he comes up to my shoulders now (almost past them), he almost wears the same size shoe as I do, he is able to cook meals, hold his little sister, and do so many things without me. This is what I prayed for 10 years ago on the morning he was born, while I was carrying him inside me, for a strong, healthy son that would be a follower of God..thank you God for this son of mine.

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