Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hunting men

John and Jacob shoot almost everyday and they are really getting good at it.
I have to give Corey credit, he moved us to the right spot because they have more then enough places to shoot.
Corey and I are really thinking they need to be in a shooting sports club.
Corey has taught them since they were little how to treat and handle guns, so after doing a little research I think Corey can be their coach if he gets the coach's certifications.
They love going outside to shoot things.

After it got dark, the shooting was brought in the house and Julia got involved
in it. She is already asking for a gun of her own, which is amazing to me because she is so girly but I love that she wants to be just like her brothers.

I love how my boys, while watching Julia take a turn at a hunting game, whisper ever so quietly,"Don't shoot, wait till it gets closer." I guess they thought the deer might hear.

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