Monday, March 8, 2010

Big Beautiful Bellies

Standing in the checkout line today, I saw a young lady with a beautiful belly...full of life. She couldn't have been very old, digging through her bag for change to pay for her things. I watched her the whole time because (as I could see part of her belly) I was a little jealous that she was so far along and looked so good, with this perfectly round ball under her shirt.

Then unexpectedly, out of the blue, an older women walks up to her and says, "oh, you can't be old enough to have a baby." Distress filled this young ladies face, her stance changed, her confidence slipped, all before my eyes, just from one comment. Tears filled my eyes and I reached out and said, "Congratulations, you look amazing. How far along are you?" She replied that she was 8 months but distress still filled her. She smiled and walked off and all I could think was, what was that rude lady thinking, that the young lady didn't know her age, didn't know there was some rule that you had to be or look a certain age to carry a life inside of you.

On my drive home, I thought about all the pregnant women...young, old. The mother that has nine children following her in the store and is pushing the shopping cart with her big, beautiful belly almost touching. How many times does she get asked, "is this going to be the last" or "you have your hands full, I can't believe your adding more."

To the people with these remarks....
What replies are these ladies to give? What do you expect them to say?
Why does your comment matter to this beautiful big bellied lady? the lady who looks to young.
Congratulations to the lady who announces she is going to have her 10th baby in nine months.
Congratulations to all the women who are carrying life inside of them.
Why can't this be the comment we give.

Thank God, these ladies didn't say," I am to young, I have to many, this isn't the right time."

"Life is precious, Life is sweet, like the earth beneath my feet. Life is precious."

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