Monday, March 8, 2010


Jillian, Jilli, JiJi....she answers to them all.

Energetic, Beautiful, Entrancing, Sweet, Loving

I got to spend a few hours with Jillian by myself tonight.

We layed on the trampoline and watched a bug crawl around. She talked and watched in amazement as it would roll down and walk back up. Everytime it rolled down, she would scream and back away but as soon as it was walking again she was almost on top of it watching every step.

Afterwards she jumped with the pleasure of not being knocked down by her siblings' big jumps and then we just layed there singing and looking at the sky and trees.

We took a walk with her two bodyguards. She is always yelling out there names "Penny, Betty" and when they get to her she immediatly yells, "nice" (which means be nice).

We watched birds fly and looked for bugs on the ground. She threw rocks in the woods and picked up leaves. She had so much fun discovering things at her own 2 year old pace.

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