Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jail Bird

At lunch today, John was ripping the chicken off the chicken leg very hard and dramatic and said, "Momma, this is how prisoners eat their chicken legs." Really, I bet they do that because they are so hungry. "Why are they so hungry?" I don't think they get snacks in between meals and there meals are probably not that good. It isn't fun in prison, not a lot to do, food is bad, not very clean, no real friends or fun things to do. (John is satisfied with this)

Jacob then pipes in and says, "Momma, have you ever been to prison." No Jacob, but I have seen pictures and heard that it is a bad place. "But if you have never seen a REAL prison and you haven't been there, then how do you really know, it might be a lot of fun with good food." Jacob I am pretty sure it is awful there. "Well, will have to see."

I think I am either going to have to take him to a real prison or I may have a jail bird as a son.

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