Friday, February 26, 2010


Two weeks ago both of our vacuums stopped working in the same week, the kids have a vacuum and we have a Rainbow vac that my mother gave me and it needed some work done on it. The kids vacuum had to be trashed, but the Rainbow we took to a shop, we knew that it was going to cost to get it fixed but we love it so it is worth it to us.
We took it on a Friday and on Tuesday the man calls and tells us the price. Immediately Corey tells me how much it is going to cost for the new part and he adds that labor is not included. We decide to get it fixed.
A week goes by and I mentioned that we needed to make sure we didn't spend that money because it was for the vacuum and Corey's response was, "Well, that isn't enough, we need a hundred more and we need to make sure we have enough for what his labor is going to be."
My response, "What did he call you back and raise the price? really that doesn't seem right to quote us one price and then raise it."
Corey," Anne Marie that is how much he told me it was going to be."
Me, "No way Corey, you said it was going to be xxx"
Corey, (in a soothing/calming tone) " Anne Marie you know you can't remember numbers and for the past couple of months you can't remember anything."
Alright I am mad now because I usually can remember everything and if I know I will forget I write it down, this was one of those things I knew I would not forget....believe me my floor is dirty and we had to borrow a vac from the neighbors, how do you forget that. Now to Corey's defense he can't remember anything, I constantly have to remind him of things and he just has a hard time of remembering. However since December my brain has been cloudy, I read that when you are pregnant your memory actually gets worse, which has happened to me 5 times. So with that and the fact that I do have a hard time remembering numbers he convinces me that it is a hundred dollars more then I thought plus labor. So we work our budget and I am thinking is this vacuum worth it but the man is fixing it and we love it.
Today the man from the shop calls and says it's ready. My response after Corey tells me is "How much did he say it was going to be."
Corey, " Oh I forgot to ask."
He goes to get the vac and pay for it, then he calls me and says it was xxx! yes the first number he told me, he was the one with the memory lapse not the pregnant woman. So I was right, my vacuum is home fixed and we have a little money for something else.

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