Tuesday, June 9, 2009

John Boy's Birthday

John dressed up as clone
John and his Star Wars cake
We always hide the presents....
this is him looking for them.

My Feelings....Emotional, So Very Thankful, Excited and Shocked

On this day nine years ago I became a momma.

I have told this story so many times to John and have cried throughout the day because I remember it so well and am so thankful that God has given me nine years with this sweet and loving boy.

I remember the day I found out I was pregnant with John, I was overwhelmed and Corey was so excited. I was 18, in college, just got married, Corey was still in school about to be sent to Japan and I was supposed to go with him. I kept thinking I can't have a baby in Japan....my mom won't be there. So needless to say...he was a "Surprise," and a great one.

I look back now and see God working in our lives through all of our chaos and thank God he gave us John...we ended up moving to VA (where my mom got to come), Corey finally finished school, and our lives changed drastically on June 9, 2000. I never thought I could love someone instantly and so much.

I have gotten to do so many first with John...which is sometimes good and others not because I don't always know what I am doing.

June 9, 2009

For John this was a special year because he turned nine on the ninth and in the year 2009. Wow! that is not going to happen again.

I made him a Star Wars cake last night and we had a family party at home early this morning. He came into my room this morning and said, "Momma, I almost cried when I saw the cake...I love it so much." My sweet boy. He got a Star Wars helmet and gun, Star Wars Movies (from g-mama and g-daddy), money from Pops, a lego suitcase w/more legos, and two new boxes of Star War legos. He was excited...Star Wars is a new interest for him so he has been waiting to get new things. I can proudly say that I got the helmet at a garage sale for $5 and looked in the store for one and it was $30...I love finding a bargain, the helmet was in great shape.

We are going to Branson on Sunday to spend the day at the Dinosaur Museum and do some other fun stuff. I always want birthdays to be special for my kids and family oriented, there are 6 of us so it never gets lonely at our house and it always seems like a crowd.

Next 9 years

Corey and I always pray over our children, but the night before there birthday we always surround them and thank God for the year before...for keeping them healthy, blessing them, working in their lives and many other things. We also pray for the coming year, for things that they struggle with, for God to work in certain areas of their lives, for them to remain healthy and happy, and for God to pour out his blessings for them.

As each year goes by I know John is closer to becoming a man, I only have 9 more years before he can call himself an adult and only a handful of years where my advice and opinions are going to mean much. My prayer is that John will become a man for God, a godly man that will put others before himself and will seek God's word and not only study it but do what he is commanded. I know he will sin and I know he will fail but I pray that Corey and I can train him in the way he should go and when he does sin and fail he will always come back to our Heavenly Father.

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Lauren McKnight said...

That was beautiful. I'm so happy that he had a wonderful birthday!