Saturday, May 30, 2009

First Boat Trip of the Summer

Corey has been waiting to go out in the boat all year. In Florida he was out in it all year long...either fishing, tubing, or just relaxing. He even took a part time job so he could fish tournaments is serious in our house. Since our seasons have drastically changed we don't get to use it much but hopefully our skin will get a little thicker and we can handle the cold weather a little better.

It was so sad this morning, Corey filled the boat up with gas, did all of the maintenance stuff (not sure what that is), had the battery on charger all night and we were ready to go. Then he notices that his new tags are not on the boat...this is not like Corey to forget and he has had them since January. So we searched the house for about 20 minutes and then Corey declares that we aren't going with a sad expression on his face. He goes back to our bedroom and comes out only moments late with a "goofy" grin waving the tags around in the air. I don't know how long those papers have been sitting in his nightstand.


John really wants to learn how
to drive the boat.
Jillian didn't mind the life jacket this year.

She loved the boat when it was going....we were

a little worried she wouldn't like it.
Guess she is her daddy's girl.

This snake tried to climb in our boat.

I freaked out, John was trying to get out of the

boat to look, Jacob stood there watching,

Julia was screaming, Jillian didn't know what to think,

and Corey picked it up.

Corey after he caught the snake.

Jacob diving off the boat...

so glad he can still do it.

John after he did his dive.

Jacob climbing in.

Pretty blue-eye boy.

Momma and the girls

We stopped to eat at the park.

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