Friday, June 12, 2009

John's Piano Recital

John has been taking piano for a few months now,

thanks to our good friend Rebecca...she has loaned us

her piano.

I have wanted to buy a piano for awhile but couldn't ever commit so

when we were offered one for awhile I wanted to see if John

would be interested.

I love to play (I am not very good but that doesn't stop me).

There are many days that John will go to the piano and just

start playing a song....he has his favorites and then their are

the ones that I have to make him


For the most part though he seems to really enjoy it.

He has a great teacher... Ms. Ella Lou Weiler.

She played violin in the Boston Symphony

many years ago.

We are so blessed to have friends who loan us pianos

and such a great teacher who really

seems to enjoy John.

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